Monday, February 6, 2012

Helpful Ideas from Pinterest

Maybe you've noticed a new button there to the right to my Pinterest. I'm really not into the whole social network scene for so many, many reasons. I see Pinterest differently, just like I see Blogger differently. The object of Facebook is pretty much to acquire friends (which are typically very "plastic" relationships) and to keep tabs on those friends. I'm not going to bog down into the reasons I hate Facebook with a purple passion because that's covered in a previous post. ;-) Pinterest and Blogger are different in my opinion because they both contain a wealth of information that out family can use.

I suppose that I'm getting on the organizational bandwagon here a bit. Since I lack the creative powers to think of these nifty things on my own, I borrowed these ideas from Pintrest. I have many pairs of earrings. It never fails that I'm getting ready to go somewhere and I can't begin to try to find a specific pair because they're in a pile in a jewelry box.

These are three-for-a-dollar ice cube trays from the dollar store. One pair per ice cube hole unless it is a small set of stud earrings. After you get them all settled stick them away.

Neat, yeah? Even a little extra space to stick something else. Not sure what yet. The only real problem is that very large earrings, bangles, and many beaded bracelets don't fit and have to remain in the jewelry box. I have another idea for necklaces that I'll be sharing in the coming weeks (once I finish it).


This next idea is the one that I was really excited about. Are you like me and have a coil burner stove? We have had this stove since about a year after we were married: about 10 1/2 years. I remember when the burner drip pans were sooo nice and shiny.

They stayed like that for a while. A very short while.

I scrubbed. And scrubbed more. And more. As the saying goes: beauty fades.

After several years we just gave up. I would dunk them in the soapy water and go over them with a steel wool scrubber every once in a while. They were black and were not coming clean. I tried some harsher cleaners and the strangest thing began to happen. It looked like the drip pans starting to rust. That's exactly what it felt like when you touched them. We tried buying so many different size replacement drip pans, only to return them because they didn't fit. Ordering them from the manufacturer was a pricy option that we were trying to wait out. I hated even looking at the drip pans on the stove; they made the whole kitchen look dirty.

I'm going to share them with you, so hang on to your hat, because it's going to be a startling sight.

I cannot believe that I have posted this on the Internet for the entire world to see. Hey, cut me some slack: we are not like the average American who eats out an average of 4-5 times a week. Maybe, as a family, 4-5 times a year. But I post this with good reason...which leads me to my tip from Pinterest.

I read that 1 Ziplock bag + 1/4 of ammonia = drip pan wonder.

I don't use ammonia. Period. I use natural cleaners. But in this case I felt like desperate times called for desperate measures. So off we went with it. Surely my efforts were in vain, but it wouldn't hurt anything to be sure.

As you can see ammonia, drip pan, Ziploc bag. Nope, it's not submerged. Supposedly, it's the vapors from the ammonia that do the work. Which, knowing how horrible that stuff smells, I could believe it. Put the drip pan in the bag. Add 1/4 c. ammonia and seal the bag (quick, before you die...that stuff is horrible).

Here are all my drip pans encased in a toxic nastiness. I set them all on the baking tray overnight (12 hours). I'm not really sure exactly why I put them all on the baking tray...just seem right, I guess. haha ;-)

Now, here's where it gets good. Here were my results.

My camera's flash makes it look a little dull. But I promise, the edges of the pan look brand new. Seriously, I kid you not. I literally wiped off the dirtiness. Not scrubbed. Wiped.

The insides of the drip pans was a different story. This required a lot of scrubbing and the aid of 180 grit and 220 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Yes, it's not perfect, but it is a 1000% improvement. If your drip pans are not as bad as mine, yours will surely come out looking new.

I am also scouring the Internet for ideas to store clothing. Dressers, I think, must be the enemy of the large family. It seems like they're always over stuffed, or the kids can't get to the stuff in the back or on the bottom. Then the guides break and on and on. I would love to have a family closet, but it's not feasible right now. I've found some good ideas on Pinterest and other websites, but nothing yet that's a sure-fire solution. Any ideas from you moms who are short on space or have more than a few kids?

Those are my Pinterest tips for the day. If you decide to try them leave me a comment and let me know.

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Kristy... said...

I heart pinterest and I just started following you :P

Kristy... said...

BTW I am "agak *******" so when you are looking thruogh you know who it is :D

Dawn said...

Thanks for the tips , I never knew about this website .

Sarah said...

Oooh, I have only just started seeing "Pinterest"...not much of an idea of what it actually is, BUT I'll probably check it out one day.

The ammonia worked SO GREAT!! Wow!!

Elizabeth said...

Glad the ammonia worked, Sarah. I couldn't believe the results either!