Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Noticing Noah

So, my little man is coming fast upon five months old (already!!). Just was going to share some observations about him.

  • He very much reminds me of Ethan, both in his looks and in parts of his personality.
  • He has become very difficult to nurse. He pulls away, kicks me, claws me, and suckles really hard!
  • He loooooves to swing.
  • He always sleeps with a blankey...preferably right on his face!
  • He has a favorite toy, a soft-and-squishy Rhino Oball:
  • He goes to bed very easily and mostly sleeps all night.
  • He loves mom's homemade baby food!
  • He always has a smile to share.
  • He's really getting into exploring everything.
  • It's sooo cute that he loves to gnaw on everything...satisfying those itchy gums.
  • He mostly sleeps through school...which is a blessing.
  • You may remember from a previous post that we are foregoing the nursery. Thus far he is still doing super well with sitting through church. He usually stays awake half the service and sleeps the other half.
  • He is built like many of our other kids: tall and heavy

Such a sweet baby and I'm so blessed to be his mommy! :-)

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Anonymous said...

He looks like his daddy!!

Bobbin Aubins said...

What a cutie! I have the same outfit for my newest little man Titus, that Noah is wearing in the Bumbo picture:-)
Time goes by so fast!

Sarah said...

Oh, I thought I had already commented...must have just thought it!

Noah is just precious Elizabeth. He is so cute, I think he looks very much like Lydia. Gorgeous boy! :)