Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Summer Synopsis

It really is high time I write a proper blog entry, isn't it?

Let's start with May. Our school year ended at the beginning of the month. The children's evaluations went well and I was also happy with their progress this year. I also watched my grandmother deteriorate rapidly after a hip break. It was so heart wrenching to see her go through it. It was amazing to see my mom, an only child, be there for her mother every step of her journey. Mom was such an example. We made lots of (long) trips to Pensacola, but it was certainly worth it. We also had time for other summer things.

Like lazing in the trees...
...and working in the garden
After her long struggle, my grandmother, Nannie as I always have called her, went on to heaven in June. Funny how when she was a phone call away all those questions that only she could answer would elude me. Now that I can never ask them, I can think of a zillion. She could crochet or sew anything. I can sew pretty well, but I can't crochet a stitch. And not for lack of trying. We also had a rather disappointing year in the garden. We had a good harvest, but with so much distracting, we simply were not able to gather all of it. I did, however manage to can FIVE GALLONS of tomatoes.
Keep out of the reach of children!
Don't know exactly, but I'm guessing around 80 pounds of homegrown, organic tomatoes.
All cut up and ready for cans.
We lost all of our second planting of corn and most of our peas. But we did manage to get several quarts of green beans put up. June was also sort of heart breaking since the youth group went off to camp without us for the first time in nine years. We also decided to expand our back patio. We spend a lot of time outside and our 10x12 patio was way too small. A huge shout-out goes to our friend, Marcus, who used to do concrete by trade, and made this possible for us. Now we have a great spot for birthday parties!

Helping Dad pour concrete.
The finished product, in large family size!

One of those perks of having a family business is bartering. Jeremy was also able to somehow barter two pallets of sod grass from a man to patch up the holes in the yard. Oh, and he also bartered all the sand and to have the old patio concrete removed. :-) Like I said, perks!

Now, I suppose that brings us to July. For the first time that I can remember, we decided just stay home for Independence Day. Can I just say that it was the best, most relaxing holiday we've ever ever had?! It's been 10 days ago and I'm still looking back with a smile! We did the typical: swim, eat watermelon, make homemade ice cream, grill, shoot our own fireworks, and go to the community fireworks display.

The gang, all suited up for swimming. I was first sad that I couldn't find a baby-sized rash guard for Noah, but got over it quickly when I saw how kissable his baby rolls are in the water!!


Watch me jump in, Mom.

Baby tubing.

Then the rest of the day....

Grilling hamburgers

Look at my fireworks!


"You see dat one, Ma?"

I guess that brings me to mid July. I had something strange going on that I couldn't exactly put my finger on. Tuesday I had to go to the doctor and it turns out that I have shingles. Have you ever had shingles? After 5 c-sections, I'm no stranger to pain. Let me just say that having shingles hurts... and I mean hurts!! I'd say it in some ways compares to post-surgery pain. I'm hoping that I'm on the mend, but I'm not too sure. I'm supposed to teach VBS next week, but I've already returned my materials to Pastor because I just don't see it working out for me to be well enough.

Looking ahead, we hope to start school Tuesday. I had it on my calendar to start last Tuesday (the 10th), but since I could barely move that didn't happen. I also decided that the children having individual desks to do school was just not practical nor space efficient. I'm not going to add pictures, but hope to in the next post.

And I hope that it won't be months before my next post! :-)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dusting off the Blog

Okay, really I have so much stuff I could blog about. And I should since it's been nearly three months since an update. I really just wanted to post a fantastic laugh I had at myself today. See, I'm one who is always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or doing something embarrassing. I've always been like that. Therefore, I am not embarrassed easily. For me, doing stupid stuff is just part of living. But today even I was mortified.

I was in Brewton, AL today attending a function at a local restaurant with the ladies at my church. Afterward I went into Walmart to grab a few things. The weather here has been super hot (heat indexes >107F) and there hasn't been a cloud in the sky (somewhat unusual). So the instant I walked out of the store I was fishing for my sunglasses. While walking I stuck them on my face and started looking for my car (cus I always forget where I park). When I put the sunglasses on I felt very slightly disoriented, but nothing unusual. I mean, we all get spells where we get barely dizzy and don't know why. As I walked to the car, I noticed people sort of staring. I wasn't sure why. I was sort of dressed up; everyone else that I saw in the store was wearing t-shirts. I figured that was the reason for the stares.

So, next stop was the gas station ... because gas is always cheaper in Brewton ... way cheaper. I pulled up to the pump and waited for the man who was currently pumping gas to finish. He kept staring too ... like over and over. I waved at him. He didn't respond. I thought, "People just aren't friendly these days." He finished up and I hopped out of my car and began fueling. Now really, the place is crowded. Well, crowded for Brewton. I finish up and hop back in the car. As I pulled off I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear-view mirror and *gasp* I discovered why all the people were staring. And I discovered why I'd felt sort of disoriented when I put my glasses on.

I know you're dying to know what it was, aren't you?

Well, it's because THIS is what I looked like!!!

Yeah, that really happened.
I really want to get back to blogging. I have been checking in on the blogs I follow, although I seldom comment. There are so many things to share. Hopefully, we'll get to that soon!